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Preventive Dentistry in Waterville & Winthrop, ME 

It’s said that ‘prevention is better than cure’ , and the same applies to dental health. To keep your mouth in top shape, you need good oral hygiene including brushing daily and changing your toothbrush regularly. While these practices may help keep dental problems away, visiting Smile Solutions of Maine will also help keep your teeth healthy.

Preventative Dentistry in Winthrop and Waterville

What is Preventative Dentistry

Also known as preventive dentistry, this is the branch of oral health that involves all the procedures done to prevent dental problems from occurring or advancing. When caught early, most problems on your teeth can be evaded or corrected before further damage is done. 


Importance of Comprehensive Preventive Dental Care

Regularly visiting a comprehensive dentist for dental exams and routine cleanings  will help you gain control over your oral health. Some benefits of preventive dental care include:
• Helps lower the risk of developing tooth cavities and decay that can be painful and inconvenient
• Saves costs in the long run since problems are addressed at an early stage
• Promotes good oral hygiene practices that can be easily done at home
• Less treatment since a preventative procedure can cushion you for many years


Common Preventative Dental Procedures at Smile Solutions of Maine

Our doctors are some of the best dentists in Waterville and Winthrop and are equipped with the necessary skills to take care of your teeth. Our team will handle all your oral health concerns. Some common procedures in preventative dentistry available in our clinic include:

  • Dental exams – We believe that this is the starting point towards a healthy smile. During the exam, we will identify your needs which will help come up with a treatment plan to address any problems. Using radiographs, we will have a complete picture of your whole mouth and also the gum structure.
  • Teeth cleanings – Our top-notch teeth cleaning services in Waterville and Winthrop help remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Such build-up often lead to tooth decay. Regular professional teeth cleaning also cushions your gums from diseases and issues such as teeth sensitivity.
  • Fluoride treatment – Fluoride is a crucial mineral that helps build teeth enamel which helps prevent cavities. During a professional fluoride treatment at Smile Solutions of Maine, we use a highly concentrated rinse or mouthwash that’s safe and efficient.
  • X-rays – We are equipped with the latest technology to carry out X-rays that help provide an in-depth look of the condition of your teeth. 


Preventative Dental Care at Home

At Smile Solutions of Maine, we highly recommend and promote a daily routine which when done right can help prevent dental problems. Here are some simple yet highly effective preventative dentistry practices that you can do at home:

Brush daily – Use a fluoride-approved toothpaste when brushing. Remember to brush your tongue which will help fight bacteria. Changing your toothbrush every three months is also highly recommended for healthy teeth.
Floss daily – To remove dirt and food debris stuck in the tight spaces between your teeth, you need to floss daily. At our dental clinic, we will teach you how to floss the right way.
Eat a balanced diet – Such a diet helps provide your teeth with the necessary nutrients to keep them strong and fully functional.
Fluoride mouthwash – Investing in a fluoride mouthwash is important. It will help prevent enamel loss and hyper sensitivity on your teeth.


 Cost of Preventative Dental Care

Since preventative dental procedures vary depending on your unique needs, we can’t give you a blanket cost. However, our clinic is committed to providing affordable dental services in Waterville and Winthrop. Walk in and let’s come up with a payment plan to help keep your teeth healthy.


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