Affordable Dentures in Waterville and Winthrop


Affordable Solutions for Replacing Missing Teeth that Look and Feel Great 

Dentures can be a wonderful and affordable option for replacing the gaps in your smile. Smile Solutions of Maine takes pride in our ability to provide patients with the best fitting, beautiful dentures possible in Winthrop and Waterville, ME. Schedule a consultation by calling one of our offices in Winthrop (207-377-6958) Waterville (207-873-2073) or contact us online and discover how dentures can improve your quality of life today! 

An older woman smiles, showing off her healthy and white teeth.

What are Dental Dentures?  

Dentures are commonremovable replacements for missing teeth41 million Americans use them in fact. They are custom-made to fit comfortably in a framework that rests on your gums. There is really nothing that is better than healthy natural teeth, but in circumstances where things are unhealthy and not restorable, dentures can be a suitable alternative. They are often used to:  

  • Replace missing teeth due to aging, decay, or damage from trauma 
  • Replace missing teeth from advanced periodontal disease 
  • Prevent the gaps in your smile from shifting your teeth 

The Advantages of Dentures 

Dentures are a great dental prosthetic option for patients. They provide a whole range of benefits including:  

  • They are a cost-effective way to replace several missing teeth or complete edentulism (missing all teeth) 
  • They are a natural-looking way to recreate a patient’s smile 
  • They restore function for chewing and improved digestion 
  • They can lead to improved speech 
  • They create a more youthful appearance  

What Happens When You Visit Our Denture Clinic  

Most of our dentures take two appointments at our denture clinic to complete. During your initial consultation, our denturists will assess the individual needs of your unique smile and the makeup of your jaw. They will then take the time to discuss with your options for dental dentures and other prosthetics that are right for your individual situation. We will then take measurements to be sent to a professional lab who will expertly craft your final dentures. Once your final prosthetic is ready, you’ll return to one of our offices in Waterville or Winthrop for a try in appointment. We’ll make sure that that you like the feel and look of your dentures. Over time these prosthetics will need to be re-evaluated due to ongoing changes in gum and bone structure. 

Sometimes two sets of dentures will be the answer. The first goes in the same day the teeth are taken out (immediate dentures) and the second set is made once proper healing takes place.  

Smile Solution of Maine’s Affordable Denture Solutions 

The denture specialists are Smile Solutions Maine in Winthrop and Waterville take the time to do things right, which reflects in the accuracy, fit, and satisfaction our patients experience from our dentures. One thing we always try to do is utilize photos of a patient when they had healthy teeth to show our lab how to recreate a natural, but beautiful smile. At Smile Solutions of Maine, our offices in Waterville and Winthrop offer four different options:  

Upper and Lower Complete Dentures  

Complete dentures offer full coverage to replace all your teeth on your upper and/or lower jaw. These dentures are horseshoe shaped to allow your tongue to rest comfortably. These dental dentures stay in place thanks to a close fit with your underlying gums, bone tissue, and a layer of saliva between your gums and the prosthetic.  

Immediate Dentures 

In certain circumstances, immediate dentures can be fabricated ahead of having teeth pulled and can be inserted the same day the teeth come out. Our dentists however, recommend using this type of dentures only as a replacement for missing teeth when waiting for your lab-fabricated dentures as those tend to be more accurate.  

Partial Dentures 

Partial dentures replace intermittent gaps in your smile. These dental dentures rely on your natural teeth to support or hold them in place.  

Implant or Natural Root Supported Overdentures 

Overdentures tend offer the best fit, retention, and patient satisfaction, having an anchoring system that connect on to natural teeth or implantthat have a snap on mechanism. For this reason, most of our patients prefer these dentures over our other options.  

Insurance Makes Dentures Affordable 

Dental insurances will usually pay a certain percentage of your dental dentures. Some insurances will even cover them entirely. Our team will work with you to make sure that you are maximizing the benefits of your insurance plan. We also are affiliated with CareCredit, which can provide payment plans if needed.   

Ready to Smile with Confidence Again?  

Smile Solutions of Maine has over four decades of experience in crafting beautiful dental prosthetics. We know how important effectively replacing missing teeth is not only for your oral health, but also your overall appearance. That’s why our dentists take the time to craft the perfect denture solution that is right for your smile. Schedule your appointment with our offices in Waterville (207-873-2073) or Winthrop (207-377-6958) today!