Dental Crowns

High-Quality Crowns in Winthrop and Waterville, ME

We’ll Craft You a Dental Cap That Will Function and Look Just Like Your Natural Tooth

A dental cap (crown) is a reliable restoration for rebuilding and protecting a tooth that has been damaged. As a practice, we have decided to keep a highquality approach to our dental restoration servicesmeaning all of our crowns are expertly made by lab technicians here in the United States. Our dentists will work with you to figure out exactly which materials will be right to restore your tooth, with the majority of our restorations being made of the highest-quality, naturally-looking porcelain. Your tooth’s crown will also be designed to last longer and look better than those made by same-day crowns fabricated by scanners. At Smile Solutions of Maine, our goal is to maintain the natural, attractive appearance of your smile while restoring the full function and durability of your teeth. Interested? Call one of our conveniently located offices in Waterville (207-873-2073) or Winthrop (207-377-6958) or connect with us online to schedule your consultation today! 

Here’s the Bottom Line About Our Dental Crowns (Caps) 

Our dentist will usually recommend a dental cap when a large portion of your natural tooth has been removed due to moderate or severe caries, a root canal, or from an accident. Your tooth’s crown will be designed to protect the remaining part of your natural tooth under the dental cap for years. Visibly, it will be extremely difficult to tell the difference between your natural smile and your tooth’s new crown when they are fabricated by our experienced technicians. Our approach is designed to not only ensure the best possible functionality, but also match the color and shape in the front region of the mouth where everything is visible when you smile.   

How Long Will Your Tooth’s Crown Last?  

Generally, your tooth’s crown can last between 10-25 years. It will all depend on what stage the tooth was crowned, what type of crown was used, and the provider’s expertise. Our practice is known for our expertise in crown and bridge work. Not only do we crown teeth when we have the best chance of long-term successbut we use materials which have the ability to capture a perfect margin. Then our lab technicians are able to fabricate an exceptionally sealed final crown restoration.  Furthermore, prior to our final cementation we always take a radiograph to ensure a perfect marginal seal and fit. All these steps will provide the best possible outcome and help ensure the longevity for your final dental cap. 

Our Dental Cap Procedures  

A crown requires two visits. During the first visit, we will make sure to use our painless Computer Controlled Anesthetic delivery system for local anesthesia also known as “The wand”.  If the tooth requires a new filling, we will proceed with that first before continuing with the final preparation and impression of your tooth. We will then send these impressions to our lab partners to craft your custom dental capAll our crowns are made within the United States by certified lab technicians who use the highest-quality materials for the best aesthetic results.  Our dentist will then place a temporary crown over the tooth as we wait for your final restoration to be fabricated. Our temporaries are custom made for a strength and esthetics.  Even patients who need to travel for lengthy periods of time can feel assured that our temporaries will last and function predictably. 

During the second visit, which takes between 20-30min, you won’t need to get numbed again. We’ll gently remove the temporary crown, check the final crown, and make appropriate adjustments prior to cementing it. Your tooth’s crown will then get permanently cemented, which means you can maintain your usual diet without worrying that they might get loose overtime or break the underlying tooth structure that you are trying to protect. 

Dental Cap Repairs 

Depending on the material of your tooth’s crown, we might be able to repair the chip for an extended period of time. Your tooth’s crown will be warranted for 5 yearswhich means the entire dental cap can be replaced for no additional charge. The dental cap repair might not last as long as the initial material of the crown, however we have white restorative materials, which can mechanically bond with the existing porcelain and last for years. 

Ready to Restore Your Teeth?  

The dentists at Smile Solutions of Maine have over 40 years of experience in restoring smiles. Our friendly, experienced staff will work with you to repair your smile using the very best materials for your tooth’s crown. Schedule your dental cap consultation with one of our conveniently located offices in Winthrop or Waterville, ME to learn more about how we can rebuild your smile.