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If you’re in the Waterville or Winthrop areas of Maine and have questions about family dentistry, Smile Solutions of Maine is here to provide the knowledge and support you’ll need when it comes to your dental needs. It’s important that our patients are well-informed about any procedures they may have done as well as understanding the difference between dental health care providers and their services. Seeking a family dentistry has a slew of benefits we are excited to share.

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What is Family Dental Care?

Providing the same type of services as general dentists, family dentists cater to just that: family. They specialize working with individuals of all ages, including children (which can be challenging otherwise). Visiting a family dental practice allows you, your spouse and children the flexibility to attend all your dental appointments in one place.

What Do Family Dentists Do? 

  • Pediatric Dentistry. Caring for young children’s teeth can be challenging, so it’s important that by the age of one they receive an oral examination. Practicing healthy habits when they sprout their first tooth is essential in preventing oral issues down the road. Local family dentists understand the importance of providing a warm and positive experience for your child.
  • General Dentistry. This includes an array of procedures. From X-rays to fillings, family and general dentistry treats oral diseases such as gingivitis as well as maintains the overall health and appearance of the oral cavity.
  • Preventative Dentistry. Maintaining good oral hygiene can have a direct impact on overall health. Family dentists provide routine cleanings where they can examine your teeth to catch and prevent the start of cavities, gum issues, and other diseases that can be distinguished or caused by oral complications.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry. This covers treatments such as teeth whitening or the placement of porcelain veneers, which are used to correct or improve tooth defects. Dental bonding and crowns are also a form of family cosmetic dentistry.
  • Removable Prosthetics. Dentures are a common prosthetic that family dentists specialize in. They also help fit molds for sports mouth guards and TMJ/TMD treatments.

Benefits of Visiting a Family Dentist

  • Track Family’s Dental Health. Having all of your health records in one place is not only convenient but a proactive safety measure. Any genetic diseases that run in your family will be at the tip of your dentist’s fingertips, allowing for a quicker diagnosis.
  • Comfort and Convenience. As we mentioned above, families love the comfort of having a dentist that is familiar with everyone in your family, especially children. It can be hard to get young ones acclimated to any sort of medical space.
  • All Around Dental Care. Family dental care is a one-stop shop for all of your dental needs. Taking your child to their routine visit as you get a filling refilled, makes life a lot easier. 
  • Proactive Care. With a more personal approach to family dental care, family dentists will be able to care for your entire family’s oral health. Meaning, they will know what you may or may not be prone to and have informative conversations on how to prevent certain problems.

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It’s necessary to understand that there is a strong correlation between oral hygiene and overall health. We encourage you to be proactive by visiting your family dentist routinely for exams and cleaning. As you research family dentists in your area make note of a couple things: What their payment options are/if they are covered by your insurance; if they are good at sending appointment reminders; and that they are close enough to your home to make these family dentistry visits all the more convenient. Contact Smile Solutions of Maine today for more information on how our professionals can contribute to making your next dental visit a positive and productive experience.