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Emergency Pediatric Dentists in Waterville and Winthrop, Maine

Friendly and Fast Emergency Dental Care for Kids


Dental emergencies can be scary for adults, so we understand they can be even more challenging for our pediatric patients. Smile Solutions of Maine is dedicated to providing families in Waterville and Winthrop with upbeat, positive, and child-friendly pediatric dentistry, regardless of the circumstances. We maintain that same uplifting environment in our approach to emergency dental care for kids.

Our office works hard to make our youngest patients happy and set them up for a lifetime of fantastic oral health. When they are in pain, it is our utmost priority to relieve their discomfort immediately. Postponing care is often a recipe for disaster, leading to unnecessary complications that will demand more extensive treatments down the line. The sooner you can visit one of our emergency pediatric dentists, the sooner we can help. Our team excels at putting your child at ease so we can provide them the phenomenal care they deserve. Smile Solutions of Maine is willing to treat emergencies after hours and our dentists are happy to offer parents their personal phone numbers in case of emergencies.

Smile Solutions of Maine treats pediatric dental emergencies, including chipped teeth due to trauma, toothaches in baby teeth due to moderate caries, and (in extreme situations) even permanent tooth replacements. If a child bumped a baby tooth by accident or experienced similar trauma, it’s important for us to know. If your child is experiencing swelling or acute tooth pain, our emergency pediatric dentists are ready to help. Call our offices in Waterville (207-873-2073) or Winthrop (207-377-6958) today to schedule an appointment now.


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What Is A Pediatric Dental Emergency?

Emergency dental care of kids includes a wide variety of services to relieve your child’s tooth pain and restore their smile. Oral discomfort can be the result of a number of things, from infection and decay to mouth trauma and other forms of damage. Smile Solutions of Maine typically defines a pediatric dental emergency as any time that your child’s pain is so severe that it is disrupting their daily routine or preventing them for sleeping. A diminished quality of life due to tooth or mouth pain is unacceptable for patients of any age, but it is especially harmful to children. If your child is suffering, you need to see an emergency dentist for kids as quickly as you can.

Although any number of problems may ultimately warrant a trip to see an emergency children’s dentist, there are a handful of common issues and symptoms for which you should watch out. Things our emergency pediatric dentists might address include:

  • Severe Toothaches
  • Severe Tooth Sensitivity
  • Dental Abscesses
  • Broken, Cracked, or Chipped Teeth
  • Knocked-Out (Avulsed) Teeth
  • Loose or Missing Fillings
  • Unattributed Oral Bleeding
  • Pain Due to Orthodontic Appliances

How Do Our Dentist Treat Children’s Emergencies?

Our emergency pediatric dentists are specially trained to diagnose and resolve your child’s oral health issue. Exactly what the treatment regimen should entail will differ significantly depending on the patient and the problem at hand. Generally, our emergency kid’s dentists will prioritize two goals. First, we want to stop the pain. This means alleviating soreness, tenderness, aches, and other forms of distress, as well as eliminating the root cause of the aggravation. Secondly, Smile Solutions of Maine strives to empower even our youngest patients to better care for their teeth moving forward and prevent the emergency from reoccurring.

In extreme cases, Smile Solutions of Maine has helped pediatric patients after they lose a permanent tooth in sports accidents, playing at a summer camp, and roughhousing with siblings. Those events are truly dental emergencies, and we would expect parents to call right away. Even an hour can make a big difference when it comes to successfully re-implanting a tooth.

Procedures that our emergency dentists for kids might offer include:

  • Treating tooth or mouth pain directly
  • Extracting unsalvageable teeth
  • Repairing broken, fractured, cracked, knocked-out, or chipped teeth
  • Repairing loose or missing tooth fillings
  • Repairing loose or missing dental crowns
  • Treating serious dental infections
  • Relieving oral discomfort due to orthodontic appliances like brackets or wires

How Are Children’s Emergency Dental Services Different Than Adult Services?

When it comes to how we differentiate between our approaches to emergency dental care for kids and adults, it is mostly a question of degrees. Regardless of the patient’s age, Smile Solutions of Maine believes in developing a trusting partnership between our team and your family. Patients enjoy and preserve the best outcomes when they are equally invested in their dental health. Our emergency pediatric dentists simply know how to go the extra mile to guarantee an age-appropriate delivery of that same quality of care. This can influence so much about how we deliver care, including how or when our team recommends options for sedations, the methods we choose to reduce pain, how we deal with a problematic baby tooth, what kid-friendly advice we give on avoiding a similar accident in the future, and more. The most important thing is that the emergency pediatric dentist distills and communicates information about treatment to your child on his or her level, so your little one can become as confident an advocate for their own wellbeing as possible.

Baby teeth represent a unique challenge for dentists and are surprisingly important. Even though baby teeth are replaced by the permanent teeth eventually, maintaining them until a certain age provides many benefits to your child. By age 3, most pediatric patients will have all of their 20 baby teeth. Some kids will not lose certain baby teeth due to genetic factors or because the permanent tooth never developed. The only way to check whether a pediatric patient has finished growing their permanent teeth is with a panoramic radiograph, which Smile Solutions of Maine offers in our practice. Furthermore, if baby teeth become severely decayed and require early extraction, there is always a chance that shifting will occur in the mouth. This may rob the incoming permanent tooth of sufficient space to erupt and develop properly. This sort of situation can lead to many complications. Feel free to ask all these questions during any visit to our office. Each pediatric patient is unique therefore communication between our emergency pediatric dentists and parents is always important.

Do You Need an Emergency Pediatric Dentist?

Smile Solutions of Maine enjoys more than four decades of experience in providing the best in emergency pediatric dentistry. We understand just how important your kid’s oral health is, so we leverage cutting-edge technology and a warm, friendly staff of experts to help your child feel his or her best again. When you have a dental emergency on your hands, our office will do our best to schedule a visit with one of our dentists as soon as possible, often on the same day you call. Witness first-hand how we earned our reputation as the premier emergency dentists for kids in Maine by calling our offices in Waterville (207-873-2073) or Winthrop (207-377-6958).


Do you have a pediatric emergency?