Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Winthrop and Waterville

Dental bridges are a great option to restore your smile with a quick and beautiful prosthetic. Our highly-trained and experienced dentists will work with you to create a customized bridge using high quality materials to fix any gaps in your smile. Find out more about how we can repair your smile by contacting us online or calling one of our offices in Waterville at 207-873-2073 or Winthrop 207-377-6958.

When Would Our Dentists Recommend a Bridge?

Dental bridges are one of the most used techniques to replace missing teeth. Most of our bridges are made with a zirconia white metal material, which is extremely strong. They are also very esthetic and long-lasting.

Dental brides are a useful prosthetic when:

  1. You lose a tooth between two other teeth and an implant is not an option due to bone loss or periodontal issues
  2. An implant cannot be placed or if the sinus membrane is too low and requires sinus lift, a procedure that some patient do not want to go through
  3. You do not want a surgical implant placement, you are a smoker or taking certain bone medications which are contraindicated to an implant placement
  4. Preventing shifting of the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth
  5. Helping to equalize the forces with the opposing teeth
  6. Protecting your gums from getting trauma due to the chewing opposing teeth
  7. Minimizing unusual eruptions of the opposing teeth; Teeth tend to supra-erupt when the opposing teeth are gone

Bridges vs. Implants

It’s ultimately your decision on whether you choose to replace a missing tooth with a bridge or implant will depend on your individual needs. Dental bridges can be a better option if:

  1. The adjacent teeth also have large restorations and also require crowns. In this case, not only you can replace the missing tooth but also protect the two other adjacent teeth at the same time.
  2. The patient does not have the quality of the bone, height, or width for an implant placement.
  3. The patient is a smoker or is taking certain bone medications, can be contraindicated to an implant placement.
  4. The patient has time constraints and an implant can take longer for the final delivery.
  5. The patient does not want to go through a surgical approach or is immunocompromised.
  6. If there is slight mobility to the adjacent teeth, the bridge will help stabilize those teeth and maintain them long term by distributing the forces more evenly.
  7. A bridge can be temporized immediately and patients can go on trips without dealing with a missing tooth or removal partial. It’s temporarily cemented and does not require removal during bed time like a flipper or partial.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

As a prosthetic option for replacing missing teeth, dental bridges provide you with a wide range of advantages including:

  1. Not requiring a surgical approach like implants do
  2. The waiting period is a lot shorter compared to an implant
  3. They can protect the adjacent teeth from shifting and closing the space of the missing tooth
  4. A very natural look
  5. Helping with the function and stabilization of the rest of the dentition
  6. Being very strong
  7. Lasting for many years

Our Dental Bridge Services in Waterville and Winthrop, ME

Our dental bridge procedures are completed in two stages. Your first appointment will include a consultation, preparation, temporization, and the taking of the final impression. In our practice, to ensure a perfect result, we make sure that the gums are healthy prior to starting a bridge case, we also use very accurate impression materials to capture perfectly the margins around each tooth.

The second appointment is much quicker and includes placing the finished prosthetic, making any necessary adjustments to ensure that everything is comfortable, and a radiograph. The final radiograph is used to ensure a perfect marginal seal during this cementation appointment. Only then will we cement the bridge. Our cements are designed to be durable and protect your teeth against cavities. Our assistants will also spend a good portion of this final appointment going over brushing techniques and steps you will need to take in order to maintain your bridge.

We Make Sure Our Patients Stay Comfortable

Our goal is to make our dental bridge procedures as pain free and comfortable as possible for our patients. We won’t start any dental procedure unless our painless computerized dental anesthetic has properly numbed the surrounding area. We also make sure our patients are able to take plenty of breaks during the procedure.

Only the Best for Our Patients!

At Smile Solutions of Maine, we do everything we can to ensure our patients receive the best bridges possible. This even includes our temporary bridges where we temporize them, so our patients can remain comfortable while waiting for their permanent cementation. Our bridges are made within the United States by very reputable technicians using only the best materials. The average life span of one of our bridges is between 25-30 years. Because of this, we guarantee our work for years, creating peace of mind for all our patients.

Dental Bridge Replacements

If your dental bridge is damaged our team can try to repaired it or, if need be, replace it. If the bridge becomes weakened and damaged, or if the surrounding teeth that anchor the bridge begin to decay, our dentists will most likely recommend a dental bridge replacement. Our dentists will evaluate the existing bridge and create a personalized plan for fixing or replacing it. If you begin experience issues with your tooth’s existing bridge, please contact one of our offices in Maine as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. The earlier we can catch a problem, the less likely you will require a dental bridge replacement.

Ready to Fix the Gap in Your Smile?

The dentists at Smile Solutions of Maine have over four decades of experience in providing beautiful, long-lasting dental bridges. Schedule your appointment by contacting us online or calling one of our offices in Winthrop or Waterville to fix your smile today!